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US deploys F-22 fighters to Middle East due to Russia's provocations

Thursday, 15 June 2023, 02:14
US deploys F-22 fighters to Middle East due to Russia's provocations

F-22 Raptor fighter jets have been deployed in the area of responsibility of the US Central Command due to the "increasingly dangerous and unprofessional" behaviour of Russian aircraft in the region.

Source: the US Central Command (CENTCOM), as European Pravda reports.

Fighters of the 94th Fighter Squadron of the US Air Force from Langley Air Force Base, Virginia, will be deployed in the CENTCOM area of responsibility, where they will integrate with the air forces of the anti-terrorist coalition.


"The dangerous and unprofessional behaviour of the Russian military is not what we expect from a professional air force. Their regular violation of agreed measures for the deconflicted use of airspace increases the risk of escalation or miscalculation," commented CENTCOM Commander General Michael Curiel.

According to the Central Command, the rapid deployment of the F-22s "is a clear demonstration of the commitment of partners, allies and the United States to long-term peace and stability in the region."

As early as April, the US Central Command stressed that Russian pilots have recently been showing aggressive behaviour when encountering US military aircraft in the skies over Syria.

In March-April alone, the Russians violated the so-called deconfliction protocols 85 times, including flying too close to coalition bases, failing to communicate via the conflict prevention line, and flying over US and coalition positions in Syria 26 times.

There are currently about 900 US military personnel in Syria as part of the campaign against the Islamic State terrorist organisation. 

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