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Canada and Italy announce new military aid packages for Ukraine during Ramstein-format meeting

Thursday, 15 June 2023, 18:20

Several countries, including Italy and Canada, have announced new military aid packages for Ukraine during the meeting of the Ukraine Defence Contact Group [UDCG, also known as the Ramstein group, is an alliance of 54 countries supporting the defence of Ukraine - ed.].

Source: European Pravda, quoting United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin

Details: Austin talked about the previously announced military aid from the UK, the US, the Netherlands, and Denmark, which includes hundreds of missiles for Ukraine’s air defence systems.


Austin said that Canada agreed to dedicate another US$500 million to support Ukraine, including by sending 200 critically important missiles for Ukraine’s air defence systems to help protect Ukrainian skies.

Austin also said that Italy has announced the latest tranche of military aid for Ukraine, which includes weapons systems that are key for Ukraine’s defence.

Previously: Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that in light of the start of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, Ukraine’s allies would focus on ensuring the functioning of the delivered weapons systems during the Ramstein meeting on Thursday, 15 June.

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