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Ukraine's Defence Intelligence responds to Belgium's investigation into use of their weapons in Russia

Monday, 5 June 2023, 15:11

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine has said that the question of the use of foreign-made weapons on the territory of the Russian Federation should be put to the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) and the Freedom of Russia Legion.

Source: Andrii Yusov, spokesman of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, stated this in a comment to the Suspilne, discussing Belgium's investigation into the use of weapons of their production on the territory of the Russian Federation, as reported by European Pravda

Quote: "As far as we know, they have already commented on this matter. In particular, with regard to trophy weapons, equipment or armaments. As for other issues, I think that the Ministry of Defence will comment properly," Yusov said.


He added that representatives of the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) and the Freedom of Russia Legion operate autonomously on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Background: Earlier, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said that his country would turn to Ukraine for clarification on reports that rifles made in Belgium had been used by pro-Ukrainian forces to fight Russian troops inside Russia's western border.

De Croo declined to comment on the possible consequences if those reports were confirmed.

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