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Zelenskyy on defence of Bakhmut: All latest equipment was sent there

Tuesday, 6 June 2023, 20:59
Zelenskyy on defence of Bakhmut: All latest equipment was sent there
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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy praised the defence of Bakhmut and said that all the latest equipment that Ukraine received was sent to the Bakhmut front.

Source: Zelenskyy, responding to the question of Ukrainska Pravda on the improper preparation of fortifications in and around Bakhmut, which the military complained about during the work of UP journalists in the east.

Quote: "21,000 Wagner mercenaries were killed in Bakhmut, 60,000 were wounded, that is, their losses amount to 81,000 Wagnerites" Is that serious defence? Are there powerful soldiers, powerful commanders? Moreover, we understand how many losses we had. Unfortunately, we had losses. But it is impossible to even compare.


I don't want to talk about the details, but the soldiers on this front received all the best, all the latest [equipment - ed.]. The best systems, the best artillery, all the best.

I think this was the most powerful defence that could have been planned out. Everyone understood that Bakhmut would stand... Do you understand that we are talking about hundreds of thousands of people? Not about thousands, not about tens of thousands, but about hundreds of thousands. This front just contains a large, large number of soldiers. If there was no one there, would this be possible?"

Details: The President noted that what he sees as a defensive line is not a wall or concrete, but people and weapons. According to him, Storm Shadow cruise missiles, Excalibur high-precision shells, French self-propelled CAESAR howitzers, 155-calibre artillery, and Himars multiple-launch missile systems were sent to the Bakhmut front.

Quote: "There are destroyed buildings... How do you want to strengthen a five-storey building when it is being bombed by 122, 152 [calibre - ed.]? 50,000 shells a day… What are city’s fortifications against this? What can be done with a building which is being constantly hit by artillery?

We need to get people out of this building. Not to strengthen it, but to withdraw from it. To save people.

Entrances to the city are strengthened - yes, but it is another thing. Bakhmut was not prepared for a full-scale war, Bakhmut is one town, but such [formidable - ed.] forces clashed there... And it is clear that Bakhmut would assume the function of a magnet - this is the whole story. "

Additionally: Responding to the question of Ukrainska Pravda on who led the preparation of the city for street battles, the president replied: You know who commands "Khortytsia" [operational-strategic grouping of troops - ed.], - General Syrskyi."

Background: In early May, in an interview with Ukrainska Pravda a soldier from the 3rd separate assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the call sign Foka  said that proper fortifications were not prepared for warfare in Bakhmut, which received the media status of a "fortified city," and beyond Bakhmut towards Chasovyi Yar.

"I would believe that Bakhmut is a fortress if this fortress was built," Foka said.

UP repeatedly heard similar statements from the military, fighting on the Bakhmut front.

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