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Zelenskyy: Disaster at Kakhovka HPP will not stop Ukraine, we will liberate all our lands

Tuesday, 6 June 2023, 22:36
Zelenskyy: Disaster at Kakhovka HPP will not stop Ukraine, we will liberate all our lands

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy emphasised that the recent disaster at the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant (HPP) created by the Russians will not stop Ukraine from liberating its own territory, and neither has it increased the chances of the occupiers to stay on this land.

Source: Zelensky in an evening address

Quote: "The disaster at the Kakhovka HPP created by Russian terrorists will not stop Ukraine and Ukrainians. We will still liberate all our land. And every Russian terrorist attack only increases the amount of reparations that Russia will pay for the crimes committed, and not the chances of the occupiers staying on our land.


I am grateful to all our rescuers, soldiers, representatives of local hromadas (i.e. communities – ed.), [residents of] regions who help people from our southern regions, which were flooded in the wake of the Russian terrorist attack."

Details: Zelensky assured the press that the authorities "at all levels" are doing everything to save people and provide drinking water to those who used to receive it from the Kakhovka reservoir.

Zelensky urged tge international society to demonstrate now that Russia cannot get away with such terror, and also thanked the leaders, peoples and international organisations that have been supporting Ukraine.

Quote: "Regarding our south and Crimea... We will find a way to restore normal life on our land after the expulsion of the Ruscists. This applies to water [supplies] and everything else. This applies to all our Oblasts – from Kherson Oblast to Dnipro Oblast, from Mykolaiv Oblast to Crimea.

The fact that Russia deliberately destroyed the Kakhovka reservoir, which is critically important, in particular, for providing water to Crimea, shows that the Russian occupiers have already realised that they will have to flee Crimea as well. Well, Ukraine will return all its property. And it will make Russia pay for what it has done."

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