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EU expected to introduce new sanctions against Belarus next week

Tuesday, 18 July 2023, 18:58
EU expected to introduce new sanctions against Belarus next week
EU flag. Stock photo: Getty Images

The European Union is expected to introduce new sanctions against Belarus as early as next week, targeting military and aircraft parts.

Source: European Pravda, citing Rikard Jozwiak, a Radio Liberty journalist, on Twitter

Details: Jozwiak said that there was "finally a breakthrough on the EU’s sanctions on Belarus".


According to Jozwiak, the sanctions include "no derogation or exemption" on Belarusian potassium fertiliser producers, including Belaruskali (Belarus Potassium), which some EU countries lobbied for. Jozwiak said that Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland fought not to allow Belarusian potassium export.

"[It’s] in fact a new package of sanctions on Belarus targeting two areas: battlefield components [and] aviation components," Jozwiak said.

Meanwhile, DW reported that the EU is planning to introduce the new sanctions against Belarus on the third anniversary of the latest presidential elections in the country, in response to human right violations there.

Sources told DW that another sanctions package related to Belarus’s involvement in Russia’s war against Ukraine is also being prepared.


  • The EU has previously imposed six sets of sanctions against Belarus, the last of which came into effect a year ago. For several months now, the EU has been discussing new restrictive measures against Minsk in light of its involvement in Russia’s war against Ukraine.
  • Earlier on 18 July, members of the European Parliament (MEPs) urged the International Criminal Court in the Hague to consider issuing an arrest warrant for the self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko.
  • MEPs also called on the EU to develop a strategy to preserve Belarus’s independence and facilitate a democratic transition in the country.

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