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Occupiers couldn't hit HIMARS: Deputy Defence Minister thanks US for the powerful weapon

Tuesday, 4 July 2023, 17:14
Occupiers couldn't hit HIMARS: Deputy Defence Minister thanks US for the powerful weapon

None of the HIMARS rocket launcher systems handed over to Ukraine by the United States of America have been "caught" by the Russian occupiers.

Source: Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Maliar on Telegram

Details: Maliar posted her greetings to the American people on Independence Day and thanked them for their continued support, which helps Ukrainians to fight for their freedom, destroy the occupiers and protect common values.


One of the most powerful manifestations of this support is the American-provided M142 HIMARS multiple rocket launcher system – developed in the late 90s as a lightweight wheeled version of the M270.

In its arsenal, HIMARS has a large number of different munitions: from conventional unguided to high-precision ballistic missiles with GPS navigation.

Ammunition and their range:

MLRS — 45 km

GMLRS — 70 km

ER GMLRS — 150 km

ATACMS — 300 km

PrSM experimental rocket — 499 km.

The appearance of the American HIMARSs in June 2022 was an unpleasant surprise for the Russian military, Maliar emphasises.

Quote: "It turned out that all logistics routes, storage points with ammunition and places of deployment of troops are in the zone of damage of the jet system. Frightened and experiencing the first huge losses, the occupiers began hunting for HIMARS. But so far, not one has been ‘caught’.

With a maximum speed of 85 km/h, HIMARS is able to deploy, fire and leave its position in less than 1 minute. This makes it possible to use for shoot-and-scoot tactics, which significantly reduces the chances of being detected and hit by the enemy.

From known cases of use:

  1. A high-precision strike on 1 January 2023, on the building of the vocational school in the city of Makiivka, when, according to various sources, from 50 to 600 mobilised Russians were killed.
  2. Destruction of the occupiers' base in the village of Pravi Sahy, near Oleshky.

For the Ukrainian military, HIMARSs have become a real weapon of victory. After all, "One missile – one destroyed target" is an unattainable result for outdated Soviet analogues."

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