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Armenian Church in Ukraine condemns "blessing" of Armenians for war against Ukraine

Wednesday, 5 July 2023, 00:23
Armenian Church in Ukraine condemns blessing of Armenians for war against Ukraine

The Ukrainian diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church has condemned Moscow's "blessing" of the Armenian ARBAT battalion for the war against Ukraine.

Source: Marcos Hovhannisyan, Bishop of the Ukrainian Diocese of Armenian Apostolic Church, on Facebook

Quote: "With deep pain and disappointment we heard about the blessing of the military, which took place in the Armenian Cathedral of the capital of Russia. This is unacceptable and reprehensible for us."


Details: According to Hovhannisyan, in the first days of the war, the Armenian Church invited Ukrainian military doctors and volunteers to the altar for the Foot Washing ceremony.

"We had the moral and spiritual right to invite them to the altar, since they took upon themselves the sacred mission of being the defenders of peace. They are devoted and faithful to their mission, and in our victory to this day!" the bishop emphasised.

Background: In Moscow, the Armenian ARBAT battalion was "blessed" for the war against Ukraine, and the ceremony was attended by the person involved in the murder of Ukrainian journalist and Euromaidan participant Viacheslav Veremii.

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