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Traffic jam starts forming at exit from occupied Crimea

Friday, 7 July 2023, 18:07
Traffic jam starts forming at exit from occupied Crimea
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The Russian occupiers have reported that a traffic jam has started forming at the exit point from the occupied peninsula of Crimea, near the Crimean Bridge.

Source: Russian media Crimeainform; Russian Telegram channel Astra

Details: The queue to enter the Crimean Bridge from the side of the Crimean city of Kerch has been forming for about an hour and consists of more than 250 vehicles.


The passage to the observation posts from the Krasnodar Krai side had not been obstructed in any way.

Meanwhile a landing ship has arrived in Kerch, ready to transport tourists’ vehicles should the traffic situation on the Crimean Bridge get worse.



  • Since the beginning of the summer, traffic jams kilometres long have been building up due to the intensifying of check-ups at the entry point to Crimea.
  • On 3 July, the occupying authorities of Crimea reported that the traffic jam at the entrance of the Crimean Bridge from the side of Kuban, Russia, had once again increased to eight kilometres.
  • Due to kilometre-long traffic jams at the entrance to the Crimean Bridge, the Russian authorities decided to involve the military in order to transport people to the occupied peninsula.

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