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Pro-Russian politician in Bulgaria dresses up as a priest and "curses" Zelenskyy's motorcade

Friday, 7 July 2023, 18:36

A member of a Bulgarian pro-Russian political party, Mir, organised a protest against Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s visit to Bulgaria on 6 July. Atanas Stefanov dressed up as a priest and "cursed" Zelenskyy’s motorcade.

Source: European Pravda with reference to Bulgarian portal Blitz

Zelenskyy’s motorcade was suddenly attacked in the centre of the Bulgarian capital Sofia. A video posted on social media shows the "priest" holding a crucifix and throwing himself at the vehicles despite the presence of police.


The "priest" can be heard screaming "Anathema, Zelenskyy, fascist Ukraine, Western Satanists!" as he brandishes a crucifix in front of the motorcade vehicles.

The "priest" was immediately detained and dragged away from the road by police officers.

He turned out to be Atanas Stefanov, a pro-Russian activist, politician, and self-styled head of a public association known as the Friends of Russia.

Blitz recalls that Stefanov attacked Kiril Petkov, former Prime Minister of Bulgaria and member of pro-European party We Continue the Change, and other pro-European politicians in June this year.

Moreover, in the spring of this year, Stefanov tore down a Ukrainian flag from Sofia City Hall.

President Zelenskyy arrived in Bulgaria for a visit on 6 July. He signed a joint declaration together with the Bulgarian Prime Minister which became the 22nd document supporting Ukraine's membership of NATO.

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