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Scale of amputations in Ukraine reaches WWI level – WSJ

Tuesday, 1 August 2023, 23:55
Scale of amputations in Ukraine reaches WWI level – WSJ

Since the beginning of the Russian military aggression, the number of Ukrainians left without one or more limbs has reached 20-50,000, which is comparable to the scale of amputations during the First World War.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Details: Due to the length of time required to register patients following an operation, the actual number may be higher. In fact, after being injured, some people don't have their limbs amputated for weeks or months.

The outlet, citing estimates by the Houp Foundation charity, notes that 200,000 people were seriously injured during the war, while amputations are frequently necessary in about 10% of major injuries.

The Wall Street Journal also indicates that the prostheses are not cheap, with some prices reaching EUR 50,000. At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities pay the wounded up to 20,000 euros. Civilians who are injured find it difficult to afford treatment.

The publication recalls that during World War I, 41,000 Britons and 67,000 Germans required amputations.

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