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Zelenskyy on decision of Security and Defence Council: All oblast military enlistment officers to be fired

Friday, 11 August 2023, 14:32
Zelenskyy on decision of Security and Defence Council: All oblast military enlistment officers to be fired
Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Photo: press service of Ukraine’s Office of the President

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has commented on the results of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine (NSDC) meeting concerning the inspection of territorial recruitment and social support centres (TRC), mainly on the decision to dismiss all military enlistment officers.

Source: Zelenskyy on Facebook

Quote: "Our decisions [are as follows]. We are dismissing all regional military enlistment officers. Only those people who know exactly what the war is and why cynicism and bribery during the war are treason must be in charge of this system."

Details: Zelenskyy believes that only those soldiers who fought in the front or cannot fight due to injuries but have dignity and are not cynical can be entrusted with this recruitment system.

"It is [Valerii] Zaluzhnyi, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who must implement this decision. The SSU [Ukraine’s Security Service - ed.] will conduct its inspection before the new TRC heads are appointed," Zelenskyy added.

The issue of military medical commission was also discussed at the NSDC meeting. "In two weeks, a NSDC meeting dedicated to this issue will be held. At the moment, the inspection is ongoing and we are drafting proposals. The decisions will be taken as well," Zelenskyy promised.

Background: On 23 July, at the meeting of the Commander-in-Chief Staff, Zelenskyy gave an urgent order to create the commission headed by General Oleksandr Pavliuk, First Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine, jointly with the law enforcement bloc and with the National Agency for Preventing Corruption, with the goal of inspecting all military enlistment offices in all oblasts of Ukraine. This must be done to prevent corrupt enlistment officers from disgracing the Ukrainian state and the memory of the Ukrainian heroes who die in the front.

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