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Ukrainian forces likely used analogues of US-made cluster munitions in recently liberated Urozhaine – CNN

Thursday, 17 August 2023, 16:47
Ukrainian forces likely used analogues of US-made cluster munitions in recently liberated Urozhaine – CNN
screenshot from cnn

The Ukrainian troops have likely used domestically-produced analogues of US-made cluster munitions during the liberation of the village of Urozhaine.

Source: CNN, citing drone footage and weapons experts speaking on conditions of anonymity

Details: A CNN crew was with the Ukrainian 35th Marine Brigade on the outskirts of the village when the Ukrainian Defence Ministry confirmed the liberation of Urozhaine on the morning of 16 August. The Russian army was fiercely firing on the Ukrainians.

CNN points to drone footage featuring dozens of Russian soldiers fleeing south of the village. Two weapons experts who have seen the footage said the Russians were fired upon as they fled, likely with cluster munitions in certain areas. The experts spoke on condition of anonymity.

The commander of the assault company bearing the alias Dykyi (Wildman) noted that many Russians were killed as they fled.

CNN reported that video footage captured dozens of Russian soldiers running on an open road. They were likely forced to escape via asphalt as the surrounding fields and forests were mined. The Russians also clustered in buildings later hit by Ukrainian artillery.

Dykyi said the Ukrainian forces used mortars and tanks, with no comment on the reported use of cluster munitions. The Ukrainian soldiers confirmed that US-made weapons were in use on the battlefield, although refusing to provide details.

Quote: "CNN was unable to confirm the devices identified by experts as likely cluster munitions in the videos from Urozhaine were US-supplied weapons. Ukraine is thought to have produced several similar devices domestically that could be in use on the frontlines."

More details: The 35th Marine Brigade suffered losses at the contact line during its advance south, causing Dykyi to take a hostile view of the "armchair" assessments of the slow progress of the offensive by some Western officials and analysts, as reported by CNN.

Dykyi said the critics of the offensive "can always come to me as a guest and fight with me. Someone believes that you can fly over the minefield on a broom like in Harry Potter. It doesn’t happen like that in a real fight."

"If you don’t understand that, you can sit in your armchair and eat your popcorn."

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