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Zelenskyy comments on bad training of military reserves and how 4 brigades couldn't fight

Ukraine's counter-offensive plan was in the Kremlin before it even started – Zelenskyy

Zelenskyy: We will prepare new counteroffensive

Ukraine's spy chief on Ukrainian counteroffensive: not everything is fine but no catastrophe either

Ukraine has no major achievements in front because Russians control sky – Zelenskyy

Zelenskyy: We must not allow Russia to prepare counteroffensive

Zelenskyy: We had difficulties in the south because everyone kept talking about our goals

Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief refuses to comment on alleged new counteroffensive: This isn't a show

Ukraine may be preparing 2024 counteroffensive like Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhnyi had planned for summer 2023 – Welt

Russian paratroopers suffer huge losses near Krynky in Kherson Oblast – UK Defence Intelligence

Ukraine resisting Russia for 2 years is already a victory – Ukraine's National Security Council Secretary

Things didn't go according to plan, Ukraine's Commander-in-Chief had to change tactics – WP on counteroffensive

US and the West insisted on Ukraine's targeted counteroffensive to cut off Russia from Crimea – The Washington Post

Ukraine's main success is victory in Black Sea – Timothy Snyder

Zelenskyy: We did not receive all weapons we wanted, but I cannot complain

Zelenskyy on counteroffensive: We have not achieved desired results, but we are not retreating

Zelenskyy: War is at new phase

NATO Secretary General explains what he sees as Ukraine's success, despite nearly static contact line

Russians launch third wave of assaults on Avdiivka front – Commander of Tavriia operational strategic group

Ukrainians advance on Kherson Oblast's left bank, battles near Krynky ongoing – ISW

Defenders counterattack near Avdiivka and advance – ISW

Ukrainian Defence Forces hold their ground on left bank part of Kherson Oblast – ISW

In Kherson Oblast, Ukrainian defenders push Russians 3-8 kilometres back from Dnipro

Ukrainian marines gain ground on Kherson Oblast's left bank

Ukrainian military officer explains why Russians ran away from Kherson

Ukraine's defence forces continue offensive operations on Bakhmut and Melitopol fronts – ISW

Offensive on Melitopol front continues – Ukrainian military officer

Ukraine's Defence Forces advance on Dnipro River's left bank in Kherson Oblast – ISW

Zelenskyy: We need results every day, to advance at least 500 metres

Zelenskyy: Our soldiers have made this a very impactful week for Ukraine