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Biden: Russia has already lost, it cannot achieve its initial goal in Ukraine

Saturday, 19 August 2023, 05:09
Biden: Russia has already lost, it cannot achieve its initial goal in Ukraine

US President Joe Biden has called Vladimir Putin's argument for invading Ukraine "ridiculous" and said Russia has already lost the war because it cannot achieve its initial goal.

Source: CNN, citing Biden's statement after the trilateral summit with the leaders of Japan and South Korea

Quote: "Russia has already lost. It cannot meet its original objective which it stated. It's not possible."

Details: Biden called Putin's argument regarding the invasion of Ukraine "ridiculous".

The US President says that the lack of reaction to Russian aggression could be a signal to China regarding Taiwan.

"Imagine if we'd done nothing. … If we stood still, what statement would that send to China about Taiwan? What signal would that send around the world?" Biden said.

Biden emphasised that the invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine is not "only a European problem; there hasn't been that kind of invasion since World War II".

The US president also praised the Japanese leader's reaction to the Russian aggression, saying that Japan "showed strong leadership through the G7 as well and contributed to a significant amount of financial and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine as well as nonlethal military equipment".

"Japan's leadership from day one, it has been critical making it clear that the consequences for war extend well beyond Europe," Biden added.

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