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Authorities begin distributing weapons to civilians in two Russian border regions

Wednesday, 2 August 2023, 15:00
Authorities begin distributing weapons to civilians in two Russian border regions

In Belgorod Oblast of Russia, the authorities distributed weapons and appropriate military equipment to civilians recruited for the so-called territorial defence.

Source: RIA Novosti news agency 

Details: The local authorities created eight battalions as part of this territorial defence. At the training ground, everyone was given small arms, digital radio stations, quadcopters, anti-drone guns and keys to UAZ cars.

It is reported that the local military was trained to shoot down kamikaze drones. In the future, the army will help with arranging firing exercises at local training grounds.

Dmitrii Peskov, the press secretary of the president of Russia, assured that the gun control will be maintained. "Weapons are never distributed in an uncontrolled manner; all control mechanisms, of course, must be very carefully implemented and foreseen. Actually, there is no doubt that this is the case," Peskov said.

Updated at 15.00: Subsequently, the governor of the Kursk Oblast Roman Starovoy also said that local authorities began to distribute weapons to the so-called voluntary people's squads because of the alleged "threat" from Ukraine.

He assured civilians that all the conditions for storing weapons have been created. The first batch is already at the base. In the near future, the number of distributed weapons is to be increased to 300 units.

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