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Turkish National Security Council calls on Ukraine and Russia for immediate negotiations

Wednesday, 9 August 2023, 22:02

At a meeting on Wednesday, 9 August, the Turkish National Security Council discussed the situation with Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine and called on the parties to agree on the end of the war as soon as possible.

Source: statement following a meeting of the Turkish National Security Council, quoted by European Pravda

Details: Council members discussed in detail the course of the war between Russia and Ukraine and "its possible consequences for our region in the subsequent stages," and also stated that "the escalation of tension in the Black Sea is not in anyone's interests".

Quote: "A call was sent to all parties to immediately sit down at the negotiating table and end the war," the report said.

The National Security Council of Türkiye also emphasised that a resumption of the Black Sea Grain Initiative would "prevent possible negative consequences in countries in need and contribute to food stability".

It should be noted that the National Security Council of Türkiye consists of the Chief of Staff, individual members of the Council of Ministers and the President of Türkiye and is developing a national security policy.

From the very beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, Türkiye refused to impose sanctions against Russia, declaring its role as an intermediary between the warring parties.

Besides, Ankara has repeatedly stated that it supports the early end of the Russian-Ukrainian war through negotiations and is ready to help this process.

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