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10-year-old boy thrown off bridge in Germany for speaking Ukrainian

Friday, 1 September 2023, 19:55

An investigation has been launched into the attempted murder of a 10-year-old Ukrainian boy after a man attacked a group of children for speaking Ukrainian in the city of Einbeck in Lower Saxony.

Source: Prosecutor's Office of Göttingen, Germany; European Pravda

Details: The attack occurred at about 18:40 on 26 August in the town of Einbeck, Lower Saxony.


According to the police investigation, several Ukrainian children were standing near a bridge when an unknown man began to complain about them speaking Ukrainian. 

He ordered them to speak Russian and said that Ukraine had started the war. The language spoken by the man was not specified.

The prosecutor's office alleges that the man pulled a girl’s hair, then grabbed a 10-year-old boy and threw him over the railing into the canal.

The boy hit some iron beams attached to the bridge. He suffered injuries to his head and left leg. 

While the boy was in the canal, the unknown attacker allegedly threw a glass bottle at him, which landed on the child's right shoulder. The unknown assailant then ran off.

A search is underway for the man, who is about 40-45 and was wearing a blue T-shirt, a black cap and denim shorts.

The prosecutor general considers the attack politically motivated, reports the newspaper Die Welt, which also notes that the attacker spoke Russian.


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