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Sociologists on survey on corruption and Zelenskyy: "responsible" does not mean "involved"

Tuesday, 12 September 2023, 14:48
Sociologists on survey on corruption and Zelenskyy: responsible does not mean involved

The Kyiv International Institute of Sociology has stated that Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy currently has record high support among the population, and the call for a fight against corruption "does not mean a decrease and a crisis in terms of support (for him)."

Source: Kyiv International Institute of Sociology on the results of a survey on the perception of the threat of corruption by Ukraine’s citizens

Quote: "Many interpreters equated 'responsibility' with 'involvement', although this is not the case. Ukrainians still want a strong leader who is expected to take decisive action.


At the same time, there is a tangible demand among the public to fight corruption. In addition, Ukrainians mostly have a poor understanding of public administration and who is responsible for what and where they can exert influence.

Therefore, as is usual, Ukrainians personalise the president (especially one who has high support) as someone who, in their opinion, is capable and should bring about the necessary changes. That means that this question reflects the request and call of the public for the president to take decisive action to fight corruption.

…we must understand the overall political context and political implications. Currently, Zelenskyy maintains a record high level of support (80-85% trust or approval of his performance, depending on the wording of the question).

When asked about the renewal of the central government, only a quarter of Ukraine’s population would like to see a change of president after the Victory. This means that at present the call for the president to fight corruption does not mean a decline in and crisis of support (however, of course, in the long term and especially after the Victory and a change of agenda, there may be significant changes)."


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