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Ropucha-class landing ship and Kilo submarine on fire in Sevastopol OSINT experts

Wednesday, 13 September 2023, 09:43
Ropucha-class landing ship and Kilo submarine on fire in Sevastopol  OSINT experts
photo: OSINTtechnical

OSINT researchers have reported that a Ropucha-class large landing ship and a Kilo-class submarine have been damaged at a shipyard in occupied Sevastopol.

Source: OSINT researcher MT Anderson and OSINT technical analysts on Twitter

Quote from OSINT: "Appears that Ukrainian forces have successfully hit the Sevastopol Shipyard drydocks this morning, likely occupied by a Russian Kilo-class sub and Ropucha landing ship."


Details: The researchers are talking about a Project 775 large landing ship (Ropucha), which was built at the Stocznia Polnocna shipyard in Poland, and a Kilo-class submarine.

The researchers also posted a photo of what they claim is a Ropucha ship on fire.

These vessels were in dry dock in Sevastopol as of the morning of 12 September.

Kilo-class submarines are the collective designation adopted by NATO for two Russian submarine projects: Project 877 Paltus and Project 636 Varshavyanka submarines.

Project 775 large landing ships, NATO codification Ropucha [Polish for frog – ed.], are a series of second-rank large landing ships for near and far maritime zones, built in Poland for the USSR’s Navy.

These ships are intended for naval landings and transfer of troops and cargo by sea. They are capable of transporting various types of armoured vehicles, including tanks. The ships from this project form the basis of the Russian amphibious fleet.

For reference: Sevmorzavod is the Sergo Ordzhonikidze Sevastopol Shipyard, which builds and repairs ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.


  • On the night of 12-13 September, the occupation authorities of Sevastopol claimed that a missile attack caused a fire to break out at a shipyard near Kilen-balka, and the Russian Ministry of Defence reported an attack by missiles and uncrewed surface vessels (USVs) which damaged two ships.
  • On the night of 3-4 August, the Security Service of Ukraine together with the Navy of the Ukrainian Armed Forces successfully hit a large Russian landing ship, the Olenegorskiy Gornyak, with kamikaze boats. This ship is also a Project 775 (Ropucha) large landing ship. A total of 25 Project 775 ships were built under this programme, and three more modernised 775M (775/III), which differed in armaments, the last of which was launched in 1990.

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