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Romanians urged to hide in shelters during night Russian attack on Ukraine's south

Wednesday, 13 September 2023, 12:05

Residents of settlements in the Tulcea district of Romania received RO-Alert messages during a Russian overnight drone attack in the south of Ukraine.

Source: European Pravda, citing Digi24

The message warned the residents about the possibility of falling drone wreckage and urged them to remain calm and take cover in shelters.


Quote: "There is a possibility that objects will fall from the air. Keep calm! Hide in basements or civil defence shelters. If there is no shelter, stay indoors, away from windows and external walls," the message says.

The emergency lasted about 90 minutes.


  • Ukrainian air defence forces shot down 32 attack drones over Odesa Oblast on the night of 12-13 September, the port infrastructure was hit, and seven people were injured.
  • The authorities have started to build shelters for residents of a Romanian village on the banks of Danube, who are under threat due to constant Russian shelling of Ukrainian ports on the other bank.
  • This happened after Romania confirmed several cases of drone wreckage similar to those used by the Russian Federation to attack Ukraine falling on the country's territory.

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