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Wreckage of supposedly another Russian drone found in Romania: President "strongly condemns" incident

Saturday, 9 September 2023, 18:49
Wreckage of supposedly another Russian drone found in Romania: President strongly condemns incident

The wreckage of another drone similar to the ones used by Russia to attack Ukraine has been found in Romania; the country's president has stated that it was an unacceptable violation of Romania's sovereign airspace.

Source: European Pravda, citing Romanian news outlet

Details: The drone wreckage was found near the village of Plauru, Tulcea County. The search mission was initiated after receiving information from local authorities indicating that the drone's pieces might be located about 2.5 kilometres southeast of the village.


Romanian President Klaus Iohannis promptly reacted to this event, stating that the discovery of another drone wreckage, similar to the UAVs used by the Russian military, on Romanian territory near the border with Ukraine indicates an absolutely unacceptable violation of Romania's sovereign airspace.

Quote from Iohannis: "I strongly condemn this incident provoked by Russian attacks on Ukrainian ports on the Danube."

More details: The Romanian president noted that on Saturday, he had a telephone conversation with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, during which he informed him of the new developments, and the latter reaffirmed his complete solidarity with Romania and assured the former that the Alliance and its members fully support Romania.

As evidence of his support for Bucharest, the president pointed to the recent US decision to increase its presence in Romania with F-16 aircraft as part of the air police mission in the country.

"As I said earlier, within NATO, Romania is extremely well protected and enjoys the strongest security guarantees in our history," Iohannis said.

"I once again strongly condemn Russia's recurrent attacks on the Ukrainian population and civilian infrastructure, including Ukrainian ports on the Danube near the Romanian border. These deeply unjustified attacks violate international law and constitute war crimes," the president said.


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