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Belgium to provide F-16s for training of Ukrainian pilots

Friday, 15 September 2023, 18:06
Belgium to provide F-16s for training of Ukrainian pilots
Photo: Getty Images

On Friday 15 September, the Belgian government approved the country's participation in training Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighter jets as part of an aircraft coalition aimed at supplying fighter jets of this type to Ukraine and training personnel to fly them.

Source: Le Soir, citing Belgian Defence Minister Ludivine Dedonder, reported by European Pravda

Details: In accordance with the Belgian government’s decision, six Ukrainian instructors and four mission planners will be trained in Belgium so that they can subsequently train Ukrainian pilots and other personnel on F-16s.


In addition, in the coming weeks, the Belgian Ministry of Defence will send a group of three servicemen to a training centre for Ukrainian F-16 pilots in Denmark, which has made its Skrydstrup air base in the south of the country available for this purpose.

And in 2024, the Belgian Defence Ministry will send two two-seat F-16B jet trainers to Denmark for advanced training, as well as a contingent of about 50 military personnel, mostly technicians, who will be responsible for the deployment of F-16s.

Quote from Dedonder: "In addition to this important contribution to the preparation and commissioning of F-16s, our government is officially pledging its support to help implement this new capability, essential to the modernisation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces."


  • Ukrainian pilots are known to have begun training on F-16 fighter jets in Denmark. It is also known that Greece and Portugal will join in the training of Ukrainians on F-16s.
  • Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway have announced their decision to provide F-16s to Ukraine.

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