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Ukraine's Defence Intelligence chief: Ukraine to use Abrams tanks for well-planned operations

Saturday, 23 September 2023, 00:16
Ukraine's Defence Intelligence chief: Ukraine to use Abrams tanks for well-planned operations
Kyrylo Budanov. Photo: The Warzone

Kyrylo Budanov, head of Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence, said that Ukraine will use Abrams tanks, the first of which should be in Ukraine next week, for well-planned, breakthrough operations.

Source: Budanov's interview with The War Zone

Details: Budanov said that now on the battlefield the use of armoured vehicles in almost all major fronts is minimised. The reason for this is anti-tank mined fields, which are a problem for tracked vehicles, and a large number of FPV kamikaze drones that can hit equipment.


Now, according to Budanov, armoured vehicles are used only for evacuation or for the rapid transportation of infantry teams to a certain place. However, they do not participate in hostilities.

Answering the journalist's question about whether in that case the Abrams tanks, the first part of which should be in Ukraine next week, will be effective, Budanov replied that they are very much expected in Ukraine.

Quote: "They should be used in a very tailored way for very specific, well-crafted operations because if they are used at the front line and just in a combined arms fight, they will not live very long on the battlefield. They need to be used in those breakthrough operations, but very well-prepared."


Details: When asked by the journalist whether Budanov is sure of this, given the June situation near Mala Tokmachka where a certain number of armoured vehicles were destroyed, the head of Ukrainian intelligence denied this information. 

Quote: "Actually there wasn't that much materiel that was destroyed. There was a lot of damaged materiel. And by now it's repaired. The number of those that were destroyed was not that high. But it's the very example we've just talked about. So if we just deploy some battalion tank group into the battlefield somewhere, just as long as it gets under the range of artillery it will get hit."


  • In January 2023, US President Joe Biden announced his intention to transfer 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.
  • The United States is removing some sensitive technology from Abrams tanks, which it plans to send to Ukraine, as it fears that it could fall into the hands of the Russian army on the battlefield.
  • On Friday 22 September, Biden announced a new tranche of aid to Ukraine and noted that the first Abrams tanks will be delivered to Ukraine next week.
  • The American edition of Forbes reported that in 13 weeks after the start of the long-awaited Ukrainian counteroffensive on several fronts in the south and east of Ukraine, the Ukrainian army has only lost five out of 71 Leopard 2 tanks. At least 10 more of these tanks have been damaged and are currently being repaired.

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