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Rheinmetall's joint venture with Ukraine to be located in Kyiv

Thursday, 28 September 2023, 21:43
Rheinmetall's joint venture with Ukraine to be located in Kyiv
Rheinmetall AG, picture alliance via Getty Images

German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall has confirmed that it has received permission from the German Federal Antimonopoly Office to set up a joint venture with the Ukrainian Defence Industry (formerly Ukroboronprom).

Source: European Pravda with reference to the website of Rheinmetall 

Details: The German concern said that it had submitted permits to other federal agencies and expects a positive response from them "in the near future". 


Quote: "The joint venture is to be based in Kyiv and engage in service and maintenance as well as the assembly, production and development of military vehicles."

Details: The cooperation between Rheinmetall and the Ukrainian Defence Industry is aimed at strengthening Ukraine's defence sector and national security through the gradual development of joint defence technology capabilities.

At the first stage, the cooperation will focus on the maintenance and repair of equipment that Ukraine has received from Germany and other partners. 

In the future, Rheinmetall says, it will be about joint production of certain types of defence products in Ukraine.

Quote: "Looking ahead, cooperation between Rheinmetall and UDI could also involve the joint development of military systems by teams of Ukrainian and German specialists, including for subsequent export by Ukraine."


  • In early July, it was reported that the joint venture would open within the following 12 weeks.
  • The German company expects to sign contracts for two more joint ventures – for the production of ammunition and air defence equipment.

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