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Moldova's accession to EU unlikely before its liberation, situation with Ukraine is more complicated

Friday, 29 September 2023, 18:55

Katarína Mathernová, the new EU ambassador in Ukraine, believes that Moldova will probably reach a reintegration with Transnistria earlier than an accession to the EU, while Ukraine is in a different situation.

Source: Mathernová in an interview for European Pravda

Mathernová expressed doubt that Moldova received any assurance from the EU representatives concerning its possible accession to the EU at all.


"I would say on the contrary, the experience of some of the previous enlargement is that you don't want to drag a territorial conflict into the EU. I think the EU would be cautious on that front," the ambassador explained.

Yet, in her opinion, the dynamic is positive, and a realistic perspective of EU accession may become an impetus for reintegration of the occupied territories of Moldova.

"In other words, the prospect of actually joining the EU, for both the left and right bank of the Nistru River, could be the motivation for reintegration," Mathernová believes.


Meanwhile, Ukraine is at war.

"The good news is that the actual process of getting ready for enlargement takes some time, and hopefully the territorial disputes will have been resolved by then," the ambassador said.

Reportedly, the Moldovan authorities consider the possibility of Moldova’s EU accession without the left bank of the Danube River which it does not control at the moment. Afterwards it will continue looking for ways to regulate the Transnistria conflict.

In June, Josep Borrell, head of European diplomacy, said the Transnistrian conflict is not an obstacle for Moldova’s EU accession.

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