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Kyiv will provide Chisinau with assistance if requested – Ukrainian ambassador

Kremlin sets conditions to begin hybrid operation in Moldova in near future – ISW

Russian Shahed UAV found in Moldova did not explode

Shahed drone wreckage found in Moldova after Russian attack on Ukraine – photo

Moldova's Defence Ministry refutes fake reports about "transit of F-16s for Ukraine"

Ukraine and Moldova join sanctions against Russian diamond company

Three Moldovan companies sold US$15 million worth of aircraft parts to Russia

Moldova demands explanations for unauthorised exercises by Russian "peacekeepers" in Transnistria

Ukraine and Moldova synchronise digital queues at border to facilitate freight transit

Putin simplifies process of obtaining passports for Moldovan citizens, Chișinău claims he looks for cannon fodder

US welcomes EU's historic decision on negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova

Russia threatens Moldova with revenge for joining EU sanctions

Latvian Parliament supports start of EU accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova

Sandu grateful for actions of Ukraine's Armed Forces: Ukrainian soldiers are now protecting Moldova

President of European Council explains why EU summit in December should make decision regarding Ukraine

Moldovan president arrives in Ukraine and visits Heavenly Hundred Heroes Memorial

Moldova joins four EU sanctions packages against Russia

Romanians' sympathy for Russia halved over past 10 years, while support for Ukraine and Moldova increases

Ukrainian and Moldovan presidents congratulate each other on historic European Commission decision

Ukraine helps in evacuation of Moldovan citizens from Gaza

EU will support accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova, Georgia to get candidate status

Russia spent US$55 million to destabilise Moldova

Russian OSCE observers not accredited by Moldova: Russia is outraged

Moldova to block more than 20 Russian-managed websites

German Foreign Minister promises support to Ukraine and Moldova despite Middle East crisis

Moldovan President claimes Wagnerites planned coup in Moldova

Moldova's accession to EU unlikely before its liberation, situation with Ukraine is more complicated

Missile wreckage found in lake in Moldova's southeast

Putin's spokesperson claims "Russia is a European value"

Head of Sputnik expelled from Moldova turns out to be Russian officer and native of Ukraine