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Grain issues will not affect relations between Kyiv and Warsaw – Ambassador to Poland

Friday, 29 September 2023, 23:04
Grain issues will not affect relations between Kyiv and Warsaw – Ambassador to Poland
Stock photo: PIXABAY

Vasyl Zvarych, Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland, claims that the dispute between the two countries regarding restrictions on Ukrainian agricultural products will not affect bilateral relations, and the parties are ready to resolve it.

Source: European Pravda, citing Zvarych’s interview with Ukrainian Radio.

The diplomat said that "there is nothing that violates or undermines the solid foundation of our friendship and fraternity with Poland, since Polish and Ukrainian societies stand guard over these relations."


"These discussions, which are currently ongoing in the economic sphere, are only a small part of what is happening in relations between Ukraine and Poland. And the vast majority of issues are really developing very positively," he said.

Zvarych added that resolving the grain dispute requires foremost good will for a constructive dialogue, and it is present on the part of both Ukraine and Poland. He recalled the last conversation between the ministers of agriculture of the two countries.

"I hope that we will be able to reach an understanding and the topic of Ukrainian grain will not divide us. And we will only cooperate together in order to develop a common mechanism for how we should act today and in the future," the ambassador concluded.



  • After the EU cancellation of the embargo on Ukrainian grain, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary announced unilateral restrictions on Ukrainian imports, prompting Kyiv to file a complaint against the three countries with the World Trade Organisation.
  • Ukraine proposed to introduce a licensing mechanism for agricultural products to resolve the dispute. Poland stated that it was still analysing Ukraine's proposals, but that it was generally positive about them.

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