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Romania denies that Russian Shahed drones exploded on its territory

Monday, 4 September 2023, 11:55
Romania denies that Russian Shahed drones exploded on its territory

The Romanian Ministry of Defence has "categorically denied" Ukraine’s account, which asserts that Russian attack drones crashed and exploded on Romanian territory during a nighttime attack on 4 September.

Source: European Pravda referring to a statement by the Romanian Ministry of National Defence

Quote from the Romanian Ministry of Defence: "The relevant structures of the Ministry of National Defence monitored the situation in real time, observing Russian drone attacks conducted last night against the infrastructure of the Reni Seaport. The drone attacks conducted by the Russian Federation did not pose any direct military threats to our national territory or Romania’s territorial waters."


Details: Simultaneously, the ministry stressed that it considers these attacks by Russia unjustified and contrary to international humanitarian law. 

Romania added that it is applying measures to increase vigilance on land, at sea and in the air, aiming to "consolidate defence and deterrence positions on NATO’s eastern flank, in accordance with national and NATO plans.".


  • Earlier, Ukraine's Foreign Ministry, citing the State Border Guard Service, reported that Russian Shahed drones crashed in Romania during a nighttime attack on Ukrainian ports on the Danube River, and even published a photo of the explosion from the other side of the Danube.
  • In February, Romania recorded the flight of Russian missiles near its borders. At the time, Kyiv reported that two Russian Kalibr cruise missiles crossed Ukraine's border with Moldova and flew in Romanian airspace.
  • Since the start of Russian strikes in August 2023 on the infrastructure of Izmail and Reni, Romania has been checking whether drones or drone debris has fallen on its territory.

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