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Blinken visits positions of Ukrainian border guards, is shown downed Russian drones

Thursday, 7 September 2023, 16:49
Blinken visits positions of Ukrainian border guards, is shown downed Russian drones
photo: Ukraine's State Emergency Service

Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, has visited the positions of Ukrainian border guards on the second day of his stay in Ukraine. The United States plans to supply the border guards with American MRAP armoured vehicles in the future.

Source: The American Secretary of State wrote about this on Twitter, reports European Pravda

Quote: "Visited Ukrainian border guards to see how they continue to protect Ukraine’s territory and people. We are providing $300 million in new funding to Ukraine’s law enforcement sector to continue this important work. The United States remains united with Ukraine," Blinken said. 


According to CNN, Blinken visited the military facility of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine on the outskirts of Kyiv.

Quote from Bridget Brink, US Ambassador to Ukraine: "The United States will give 190 MRAPs to enable Ukraine's brave law enforcement officers to protect civilians — especially those near the frontlines."

Details: Serhii Deineko, Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, discussed with Blinken the implemented projects to strengthen the capacity of border guards, as well as further support.

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The delegation of the US State Department and the US Embassy in Ukraine got acquainted with the tasks of the border department and the assistance received by the State Border Service as part of joint projects on the example of one of the units.

"If not for the help of international partners, in particular INL, our losses would have been much greater. Because border guards received bulletproof vests, protective helmets, etc. from our partners on time," Deineko said.

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The delegates saw weapons, equipment, night vision devices and UAV systems used by border guards, fragments of downed strike drones and missiles and trophies captured from the Russians.

Blinken was shown US-provided surveillance drones and four MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles, as well as several downed Russian drones.

He remarked on the remarkable organisation for the use and enforcement of the assistance received by border guards from the United States. He also personally got behind the wheel of a Roshel Senator MRAP armoured car, received by units of the State Border Service of Ukraine as part of the implementation of assistance projects.

In the guest book, Blinken wrote: "To the Ukrainian border guards and national police, with admiration for your extraordinary courage and service to your country and our partnership."

After that, the Secretary of State visited the Ukrainian demining centre.

Background: Antony Blinken arrived on an official visit to Kyiv on Wednesday morning.

While in Kyiv, Blinken said that Washington sees progress in the Ukrainian counteroffensive, and the US will ensure that Ukraine receives the necessary support both now and in the long-term.

He also announced that Washington will allocate over US$1 billion to help Ukraine.

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