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US selects 2,000 troops to help Israel – WSJ

Tuesday, 17 October 2023, 00:03
US selects 2,000 troops to help Israel – WSJ
Stock photo: U.S.Army

The US military has selected about 2,000 troops to prepare for potential deployments to support Israel.

Source: The Wall Street Journal citing unnamed officials

Details: According to officials, the troops are tasked with missions such as counseling and medical support and are representatives of the US Armed Forces. They are not expected to perform combat missions, officials said. No infantryman was made ready to deploy.


According to officials, troops are currently deployed both in the Middle East and beyond, including Europe.

It is unclear under what circumstances or where the US might send troops, but the Pentagon's decision suggests it is preparing to support Israeli forces if Israel launches a ground invasion of Gaza.


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