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Missile plant opens in Moscow's residential district

Thursday, 19 October 2023, 11:51
Missile plant opens in Moscow's residential district

An air defence missile production plant with an area of 93.7 km2 has been opened in the territory of the Rudnevo industrial park in Moscow.

Source: Russian media outlets Meduza, Vazhnye Istorii

Details: The website of the Moscow authorities says that the plant was constructed in a "record-breaking" period of eight and a half months.


According to Yana Novikova, CEO of the Almaz-Antey, the concern expects to launch missile production by October 2024.

Vazhnie Istorii remarked that the Rudnevo industrial park, where the plant is to start working, is located in close proximity to residential buildings (judging by Yandex Maps, it's less than 500 metres away from the nearest apartment block).

The construction of the park started at the end of 2020, and the first 16 buildings were finished in two years. It was planned that the basis of the industrial park would be the construction, aviation and electronic industry enterprises.

In November 2022, the Moscow authorities announced the decision to set up a 100-hectare range for drone tests there. For that purpose, the Kosinsky protected nature area was being cut down secretly at night.

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