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Air defence downs 4 drones in Kryvyi Rih area and Kherson oblasts, but hits also recorded

Monday, 2 October 2023, 07:22
Air defence downs 4 drones in Kryvyi Rih area and Kherson oblasts, but hits also recorded

Russia has attacked Ukraine with kamikaze drones and guided aerial bombs, with four drones downed, but hits also recorded.

Source: Natalia Humeniuk, Head of the Joint Press Centre for Operational Command Pivden (South)

Quote: "The night was tough again. The enemy used both drone attacks and tactical aircraft. At night, the enemy launched 18 guided aerial bombs. They again targeted civilian infrastructure and residential areas. Both the hospital and emergency infrastructure facilities were damaged."


Details: Humeniuk said the drone attack was not large-scale; the Russian occupiers just probably wanted to find out where the air defence systems are deployed.

Quote: "They launched [drones – ed.] from the south-east, the Azov coast. They took an unusual route. Mainly through Kherson Oblast, but it was obvious that they were targeting Kryvyi Rih. Three drones were destroyed there, and one was destroyed in Kherson Oblast, but a hit was also recorded on premises belonging to an industrial business. Drone hits were also recorded in Kherson Oblast. Again, only civilian infrastructure was damaged, including factories belonging to an agricultural business."


  • Air-raid warnings were issued in some oblasts on the night of 1-2 October because of the threat of missiles and attack UAVs.

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