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Another EU country to close border for cars with Russian registration plates

Monday, 2 October 2023, 10:22

Bulgaria will stop the entry of Russian cars into the country's territory by the end of the day on 2 October.

Source: European Pravda, citing a statement by Anton Zlatanov, Director of the Bulgarian Border Police, in The Day Begins programme on Bulgarian National TV (BNT)

Details: "We worked very actively from Thursday until yesterday. I am sure that by the end of the day, the ban on the entry of Russian passenger cars into our country will come into effect in Bulgaria," Zlatanov said.


He said such a ban has been in effect for trucks for several months.

Zlatanov did not specify how many Russian cars enter the country every month but emphasised that there are not many.


  • All Baltic States have banned the entry of cars with Russian registration plates.
  • Poland, Finland and Norway have also made similar decisions.
  • This came after the European Commission published clarifications on long-standing restrictions on the import and export of goods to or from Russia. The EC specified that the ban also includes cars and some goods, regardless of whether they are the personal belongings of travellers.

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