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Russian losses amount to up to 290,000 troops – UK intelligence

Sunday, 22 October 2023, 11:11
Russian losses amount to up to 290,000 troops – UK intelligence
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UK intelligence has estimated that Russia's losses in terms of killed and seriously wounded soldiers amount to up to 190,000, and up to 290,000 including the wounded who are able to return to the battlefield after recovery.

Source: UK Defence Intelligence review on Twitter (X) for 22 October, as reported by European Pravda

Details: The ministry noted that, according to Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence, recent Russian attacks on Avdiivka have led to a 90% increase in Russian casualties.


Since February 2022, Russia has considerably increased its military presence in Ukraine, intensifying recruitment through financial incentives and partial mobilisation in the autumn of 2022.

This increase in manpower is a key factor in Russia's ability to both defend the territory it holds and conduct costly offensive operations.

The UK analysts estimate that since the start of the full-scale invasion, Russia has probably suffered 150,000-190,000 permanent losses, including the dead and seriously wounded.

The total number of Russian casualties, including those who will recover and may return to the battlefield, is about 240,000-290,000 people.

UK Defence Intelligence emphasises that this figure does not include Wagner Group and their battalions of prisoners who fought in Bakhmut.

Earlier, UK intelligence claimed that Russia had lost at least half of its airborne troops during its war of aggression against Ukraine, which corresponds to a figure of 15,000.

US officials have said the total number of wounded and killed soldiers from Ukraine and Russia in more than a year and a half of full-scale war is estimated at nearly 500,000, most of them Russians.

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