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President's Office responds to Elon Musk's call for parts of Ukraine to be "surrendered" to Russia

Tuesday, 24 October 2023, 16:34
President's Office responds to Elon Musk's call for parts of Ukraine to be surrendered to Russia

Mykhailo Podoliak, Advisor to the Head of the President's Office, believes that the refusal to support Ukraine will not end the war, but will only fuel conflicts around the world and will be the end of international law.

Source: Podoliak on Telegram

Quote: "Musk believes that the ‘surrender of Ukraine’ to the knife of the mandatory large-scale Russian genocide will lead us to the end of the war and ‘eternal peace’.


This is a catastrophic mistake. The refusal to support Ukraine will definitely not end the war, but will inevitably lead to a sharp increase in conflicts around the world, the end of the era of international law, the collapse of the international economy and the triumph of the forces of evil.

There will be no more rules. Predictability and contractual capacity will be gone eventually. The appetites of the aggressors will grow, terrorist groups will receive more and more investments within the axis of evil.

All this will end with a great war on different continents, in which, probably, in this case, the citizens of America will have to participate.


… Any doubts become a breeding ground for the aggressors, disturbing their minds with thoughts of the weakness of the West. The echoes of these doubts we have seen in Israel."

Details: In his opinion, Musk is right, though, when he says that Russian aggression in Ukraine is universal and civilizational in its destructiveness.


  • Musk, speaking at an online discussion, called on the United States to find a way to peace in Ukraine and restore normal relations with Russia.
  • He suggested that there is no anti-Russian insurgency in the "Russian-speaking areas of Ukraine" occupied by Russia, hinting that the current lines of control could be turned into a ceasefire line or a permanent border.
  • According to Musk, a ceasefire is possible, because it makes no sense to force regions that "want to be part of Russia" to be part of Ukraine. He is convinced that part of the territories occupied by Russia, eastern Ukraine and Crimea, really want to be Russian.
  • He says he does not understand why soldiers of both countries die every day. In his opinion, Russia still will not leave these lands, and Ukraine "will not succeed" with a smaller army, so a ceasefire is the best way out for the people of Ukraine.

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