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Explosion rocks Belarusian railway station at night – media

Friday, 6 October 2023, 12:28
Explosion rocks Belarusian railway station at night – media

Investigators have reported that a terrorist attack took place at the railway station in the Belarusian town of Kalodzishchy at night.

Source: Zerkalo and Motolko, Help news outlets

Details: It is reported that at around 23:15, after the explosion, "a blast wave passed through the houses of local residents, the windows and bed shook".


On the morning of 6 October, security forces began interviewing local residents, who were told that "there was a terrorist attack at the Ozerische station, and the railway was blown up".

People wrote on social media that there were two explosions in the evening, they also reported that security forces were on duty on the roads until the morning, and that the surveys were still ongoing.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Investigative Committee of Belarus are still silent.

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