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Attack on Israel: 40 people killed, Israeli Armed Forces attack in response

Saturday, 7 October 2023, 14:57
Attack on Israel: 40 people killed, Israeli Armed Forces attack in response

An unprecedented attack by Hamas militants in Israel has resulted in at least 40 people killed and hundreds of people injured. Many armed people are attacking houses in the south of the country.

Source: The Times of Israel

Details: Hamas has been launching attacks on Israel for over eight hours.


The Ministry of Health of Israel reported that 545 people have been hospitalised since the beginning of the massive Hamas attack.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) reported that they have launched 17 attacks on military targets and four Hamas headquarters in the Gaza Strip, as well as on other targets.

They also launched a series of attacks on several Hamas militants from UAVs.

The Hamas terrorist group posted footage showing its members capturing Israeli soldiers and civilians.

Militants filmed how they dropped a bomb from a drone on a military ambulance, injuring Israeli soldiers.

A video with civilians killed in the middle of the road, where the militants decided to ambush them, also surfaced on the Internet.

TV channels are broadcasting footage showing a bulldozer breaching a border fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed people again and asked them to keep calm and unite for the sake of victory.

Iran, in its turn, expressed its support for Hamas.

Schools and kindergartens will be closed across the country on Sunday 8 October.

Background: On the morning of 7 October, missiles were launched en masse from the Gaza Strip into Israel by Hamas militants, and fires surged through Israeli cities.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a public statement concerning the wave of attacks by Hamas, saying that the country is at war, but they will prevail.

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