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Chechen leader suggests cancelling elections in Russia until war with Ukraine is over

Saturday, 7 October 2023, 18:00
Chechen leader suggests cancelling elections in Russia until war with Ukraine is over
Ramzan Kadyrov and Vladimir Putin (with his back to the camera). Photo: Getty Images

Ramzan Kadyrov, Head of the Chechen Republic, has suggested cancelling presidential elections in Russia until the war with Ukraine is over. (The Chechen Republic is a federal subject of the Russian Federation; the Ukrainian parliament has recognised it as the temporarily Russian-occupied territory of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria – ed.)

Source: TASS, a pro-Kremlin media outlet, citing Ramzan Kadyrov during an event to mark Russian President Vladimir Putin’s birthday in Grozny, Chechnya

Quote from Kadyrov: "I suggest that while the Special Military Operation [Russia’s euphemism for the war against Ukraine – ed.] is ongoing, we should unanimously approve the decision that we will have only one candidate during the elections: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.


Or postpone the elections – because we have no one else who could protect our country today."

Details: Kadyrov did not explain whom Putin was "protecting the country" from. That country has been waging a war of aggression against Ukraine for the past year and a half.

Russia has not declared martial law.

Putin turned 71 on 7 October.


  • Presidential elections are set to take place in Russia in 2024. Putin has not officially announced that he will run yet.
  • According to Russian media, Putin may announce his intention to run for a new presidential term during the International Russia Expo.
  • By law, the 2024 presidential elections must be scheduled from 8 to 18 December 2023.

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