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Israel: Death toll rises to 700, Biden announces more support

Sunday, 8 October 2023, 19:58
Israel: Death toll rises to 700, Biden announces more support
Destroyed police station in Sderot, Israel. Photo: Getty Images

The number of people killed in the Hamas attack on Israel has exceeded 700, and more than 2,100 people have been injured.

Source: The Times of Israel

Details: Israel's Ministry of Health has reported that over 2,243 people have been injured and taken to Israeli hospitals since Saturday.


These include 22 people in a critical condition, 343 seriously injured, 439 in a moderate condition, 1,093 in a mild condition, 50 have severe anxiety, and 187 are undergoing medical examination.

At the same time, the White House has said that US President Joe Biden had ordered "additional support" to Israel "in the face of this unprecedented terrorist assault by Hamas".

The statement did not provide any details about this support.

The Israeli government's press office confirmed on 8 October that at least 100 Israelis are being held captive in Gaza.

Until now, Israel has refused to confirm the number of civilian and military hostages. According to media reports, at least 170 people may be held captive in Gaza.

The Israel Defence Forces said the Israeli Navy struck several Hamas naval positions in the Gaza Strip on Sunday. The military published video recordings of the moment of the strikes.

The Israel Defence Forces also said it was carrying out a new wave of airstrikes in the Gaza Strip on 8 October against targets belonging to Hamas.

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