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Ukraine fully synchronises its energy system with Europe

Tuesday, 28 November 2023, 19:50
Ukraine fully synchronises its energy system with Europe
Photo: getty images

The European network of operators ENTSO-E has decided to transfer Ukraine to the mode of permanent synchronisation with the European energy system on 28 November.

Source: press release of ENTSO-E, reports European Pravda

Details: "Ukrenergo, the Ukrainian TSO, has achieved compliance with the key technical requirements necessary to enable a permanent interconnection between the power systems of Continental Europe and Ukraine," the message reads.


In addition to permanent synchronisation, ENTSO-E decided to increase the capacity limit for electricity trade from continental Europe to Ukraine and Moldova to 1,700 MW, which is 500 MW more than the previous limit.

As ENTSO-E reminded, synchronisation with Ukrenergo began in 2017 with the signing of an agreement on the terms of the future unification of energy systems. In March 2022, emergency synchronisation took place as a sign of Europe's solidarity with Ukraine.

"Today’s announcement signals the full implementation of the conditions included in this Agreement," ENTSO-E concludes.

The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity ENTSO-E has 39 operators from 35 countries responsible for the safe and coordinated operation of the European electricity system, the largest integrated electricity network in the world.

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