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Abducted girl "adopted" by Russian politician has brother, his location unknown

Thursday, 30 November 2023, 20:01
Abducted girl adopted by Russian politician has brother, his location unknown

1-year-old Marharyta Prokopenko, deported to Russia during the occupation of the city of Kherson, has a 6-year-old sister and a 3-year-old brother. The location of the latter is unknown.

Source: Dmytro Lubinets, Ukraine’s Human Rights Commissioner (Ombudsman)

Details: Marharyta has been adopted by Sergey Mironov, a 70-year-old Russian politician and leader of the A Just Russia party, and his 55-year-old wife Inna Varlamova.


The name and citizenship of the child were changed; now she is Maryna Mironova.

Lubinets assumes that the occupying authorities abducted her brother Illia Vashchenko from Kherson as well. However, his fate is so far unknown.

The guardian of Marharyta’s 6-year-old sister, who is currently living with her, contacted the Commissioner.

She asked him to help her locate Marharyta and get guardianship over her.

Background: Earlier, it was reported that 10-year-old Varvara and 6-year-old Renat reunited with their mom for the first time after Russian captivity.

Two brothers, 13-year-old Kyrylo and 4-year-old Serhii, who had been in the temporarily occupied territories, were also brought back to Ukraine.

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