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3,500 lorries stuck on border in Poland

Sunday, 10 December 2023, 09:44
3,500 lorries stuck on border in Poland
The sign reads “Boycott by Polish hauliers”. Stock photo: Getty Images

There are almost 3.500 lorries in Poland near the Ukrainian border as of the morning of 10 December, said State Border Service spokesman Andrii Demchenko.

Source: Demchenko live on the national 24/7 newscast 

Quote: "The situation is almost unchanged. Four directions are being blocked.


As of the morning of 10 December, almost 3,500 lorries are queuing up to cross into Ukraine.

Most of them are heading for Shehyni (1,200 lorries), and Yahodin (900).

Of course, there is some movement during the day, however, the dynamics that existed before 6 November are not the same.

The least traffic is recorded at the Yahodin checkpoint.

Well, in fact, even those measures regarding the Uhryniv checkpoint, where empty cargo vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tonnes can cross the border to leave Ukraine... So far, we are not seeing any relaxation on that side for the introduction of certain agreements to give some impetus to increase the number of freight vehicles."

Hungarian truck drivers are intending to block the Záhony-Chop checkpoint on the border with Ukraine starting Monday, 11 December, demanding the reintroduction of permits for Ukrainian hauliers.

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