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Zelenskyy: It's crucial to have Latin America on our side – photo

Monday, 11 December 2023, 06:28
Zelenskyy: It's crucial to have Latin America on our side – photo

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has met with representatives of the Ukrainian community in Argentina during his visit to the country and urged them to unite, stressing the importance of Latin America being on Ukraine's side.

Source: Ukrainian President’s Office

Quote: "I believe that the position of the new President of Argentina and his team will remain unchanged. Today, it is based on support for Ukraine, our sovereignty and territorial integrity, and support for freedom."


Details: Zelenskyy voiced hope that such a clear position by Argentina would affect overall political support for Ukraine in the region, which would particularly translate into support for Ukrainian resolutions at the UN.

Quote: "It is important that such a powerful voice of Latin America as the voice of Argentina, the voice of Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador – that they are all on our side. And I am glad that it is so."

More details: The president added that Ukraine had received confirmation from Argentina that it would join the implementation of Ukraine's Peace Formula and attend the fourth meeting of national security advisers to be held in January.

Quote: "The second thing we are working on is organising the Ukraine – Latin America summit. We aim to unite the voices of Latin America in support of Ukraine and our clear stance towards seeking a just peace and condemning Russian aggression. Today, we heard support from the President of Argentina. We will consider how and when to organise all this."

"We need unity. Here we have representatives from Uruguay and Paraguay. We need to ensure that our communities in Latin America are united. The presence of our nation in one or another country is essential, and as an integral part of society, it always has an impact on state policy."

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