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European Commission calls for other Polish border checkpoints to be unblocked

Tuesday, 12 December 2023, 12:06
European Commission calls for other Polish border checkpoints to be unblocked
Stock photo: Getty Images

The European Commission has welcomed the unblocking of the Yahodyn-Dorohusk checkpoint on the border of Ukraine and Poland and called for the resumption of operations at the remaining checkpoints.

Source: Adina-Ioana Vălean, the European Commissioner for Transport, in a statement

"We remain concerned that the other three border crossings between Poland and Ukraine continue to be blocked," Adina-Ioana Vălean said.


Vălean said the relevant national and local authorities must take the necessary measures to ensure the movement of goods across the EU’s external borders.

"I invite all parties to work with the Commission to implement measures that increase the efficiency at the border crossing points and ensure the proper application of the EU-Ukraine Road Transport Agreement," she added.

Welcoming the unblocking of the Yahodyn-Dorohusk checkpoint, the European commissioner noted that its blockade since 6 November has had significant consequences for Ukraine, Poland and the EU, but first and foremost for all the drivers who found themselves caught up in the blockade.

"I want to remind all involved parties of the damage these protests cause to the European economy, to the supply chains, to other road operators, and Ukraine, a country at war. The remaining border crossing points must be unblocked without delay," Vălean concluded.

As of the morning of 12 December, trucks continue to be blocked at three checkpoints on the border with Poland and one at the entrance to Slovakia. Over 5,000 trucks are waiting in queues at the border in total.


  • Yesterday Wojciech Sawa, head of the Polish gmina (municipality) of Dorohusk on the border with Ukraine, decided to disperse the protesters who had been blocking the checkpoint since 6 November.
  • As has been widely reported, a group of Polish truck drivers has been blockading the border with Ukraine for more than a month. Recently, Slovak
  • road hauliers joined the protest.The Slovak hauliers resumed their blockade of the Vyšné Nemecké-Uzhhorod border checkpoint with Ukraine on Monday, 11 December. 

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