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Houses and cars on fire and casualties recorded after missile attack in Kyiv

Wednesday, 13 December 2023, 03:30
Houses and cars on fire and casualties recorded after missile attack in Kyiv

The falling of numerous pieces of wreckage has been recorded on Kyiv's left bank after air defence systems responded to a missile strike on the night of 12-13 December. In particular, a fire in an apartment building in Dniprovskyi District has been recorded.

Source: Kyiv Mayor Vitalii Klitschko on Telegram

Details: At 03:24, Klitschko reported that cars parked outside a residential building in Dniprovskyi District were burning. He said emergency services were on their way to the scene.


At 03:24, the Kyiv mayor added that the facade of a residential building had been damaged by missile wreckage in Dniprovskyi District. Residents were being evacuated. Firefighters, rescue workers and medics were working at the scene.

At 03:30, Klitschko wrote that missile wreckage had also fallen on a private residential building in Dniprovskyi District. Firefighters were putting out the fire there.

At 03:36, it became known that there were three casualties in Dniprovskyi District. "Two people were hospitalised and medics provided an elderly woman with necessary aid at the scene," Klitschko stated.

At 03:40, Klitschko added that there were five casualties in Dniprovskyi District. Three were hospitalised in the city's medical facilities. Two were provided with medical treatment at the scene.

At 03:41, the Kyiv mayor noted that a one-storey residential building in Darnytskyi District was on fire. Emergency services arrived at the scene.

At 03:52, medics said seven people had been injured as a result of the Russian attack on Kyiv. Five were hospitalised in the capital's hospital and two received medical treatment at the scene.

At 03:56, information was received that windows had been broken and the central entrance to the institution had been damaged in one of the children's hospitals in Dniprovskyi District. There were no casualties.

As of 04:34, 25 casualties have been recorded in Dniprovskyi District, including 13 hospitalised and 12 receiving help at the scene.

At 04:53, Klitschko wrote that according to updated information from medics, there were 34 casualties in Dniprovskyi District. In particular, 15 people were taken to hospital, including 2 children, and 19 people received medical help at the scene.

At 05:06, it became known that the water supply network was damaged in Dniprovskyi District due to wreckage falling on the road. Emergency crews were working at the scene to quickly deal with the damage.

At 05.36, it was reported that the missile had fallen on a hospital in the capital. Windows were blown out in several of the facility’s buildings. One person was injured. The police arrived at the scene. They were inspecting the crater at the medical facility.

In total, 45 people were injured in Dniprovskyi District as a result of the Russian attack. 18 of them were hospitalised, including 2 children, and 27 received medical treatment at the scene, including 3 children.

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