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Germany confirms delivering second Patriot system to Ukraine

Thursday, 14 December 2023, 19:10
Germany confirms delivering second Patriot system to Ukraine
Patriot anti-aircraft missile system. Stock photo: Getty Images

The list of German military aid to Ukraine over the past week mentions the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system and missiles for it.

Source:  European Pravda with reference to the list on the German government’s website

Details: The list includes the Patriot air defence system as well as nine Bandvagn 206 tracked all-terrain vehicles, nearly 14,000 155 mm rounds from industry stocks and the Bundeswehr, three remote demining systems, and 14 anti-drone systems.


In addition, Germany will provide Ukraine with Zetros heavy trucks, four tractor semi-trailers, eight Zetros tank trucks, four industrial stocks, four vehicles from the Bundeswehr, and 47,400 rounds of 40 mm ammunition. 

For the first time, 47 Toyota Land Cruisers are mentioned in the list of aid to be sent.

Background: In October, the German Ministry of Defence announced that it would send additional Patriot and IRIS-T systems to Ukraine but did not specify the timeframe for their delivery.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that the second Patriot air defence system, which Germany promised to transfer to Kyiv, will start operating in Ukraine this year.

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