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Three Ukrainian drivers run over on Polish border

Friday, 15 December 2023, 11:10
Three Ukrainian drivers run over on Polish border
lorries in queues on Polish border. Photo: ANADOLU VIA GETTY IMAGES)

A driver with Polish licence plates ran over three Ukrainian drivers on the Polish-Ukrainian border. The men received minor injuries.

Source: Oleh Nikolenko, spokesman for Ukraine's Foreign Ministry, in an interview with UP

Quote: "On 14 December, three Ukrainian drivers were hit on the Polish-Ukrainian border. The Ukrainian consul immediately went to the scene of the accident.


Citizens of Ukraine received minor injuries. They were given medical assistance on the spot. They did not require to be taken to hospital."

Details: Nikolenko said that the driver of the car with Polish registration, who caused the collision, was detained by the police.

Investigative actions have now begun.


Ukrainian consuls interact with Polish law enforcement officers and keep the investigation under control.

On 14 December, the injured Ukrainian drivers went through formalities at the border and returned to Ukraine with their vehicles.

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