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Putin threatens Finland with "problems"

Sunday, 17 December 2023, 11:39
Putin threatens Finland with problems

Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that Finland will now be in trouble because of its NATO membership.

Source: Putin in an interview with the programme Moscow. Kremlin. Putin

Quote from Putin: "They just dragged Finland into NATO. Did we have any disputes? All disputes, including territorial ones, were resolved long ago, in the middle of the 20th century. We had the kindest and most sincere relations.


There were no problems, but there will be now. That's because we are going to create the Leningrad Military District and concentrate certain military formations there.

Why would they want all of this? Nonsense."

Details: Putin added that he wants no war with NATO countries, as "there are no territorial disputes".


Background: In April 2023, Finland officially became a full NATO member.

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