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Ukraine's former president planned to meet with Hungary's PM, Russia sought to use it against Ukraine

Saturday, 2 December 2023, 15:29
Ukraine's former president planned to meet with Hungary's PM, Russia sought to use it against Ukraine

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has learned that Petro Poroshenko, the fifth president of Ukraine, has scheduled a meeting with Viktor Orbán, the pro-Russian Hungarian PM.

Source: SSU; statement by Poroshenko’s European Solidarity party faction

Details: The SSU and Ukrainian intelligence agencies received information about Russian secret services preparing provocations targeting Ukraine in the international arena.


The SSU stated that it had approached the Ukrainian President's Office, the Cabinet of Ministers, and the Parliament, requesting that they consider information about Russia's plans when organising and approving foreign trips for Ukrainian delegations.

Afterwards, the Ukrainian parliament's leadership denied permission for Poroshenko to travel abroad.

Quote: "The Russian secret services plan to launch a major psychological operation to shift the sentiments in anti-Russian coalition partner countries and encourage Ukrainian politicians to promote narratives concerning the necessity of negotiations with Russia under the conditions that the war is frozen.

The Russian secret services intended to extensively promote these messages through pro-Russian political forces in other countries.

The enemy's plans included using individual Ukrainian politicians to engage in psychological operations during their visits to third countries.

Counterintelligence reports suggest that the information on the planned meeting between Petro Poroshenko, leader of the European Solidarity party faction, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who has consistently expressed an anti-Ukrainian stance, is a "friend of Putin" and advocates lifting sanctions against Russia, should be viewed in this context.

This meeting (as well as other "business meetings" of Ukrainian politicians with representatives of states promoting pro-Russian narratives) was planned to be used by the Russian Federation in its psychological operations against Ukraine."

More details: The European Solidarity party responded to the ban by noting that should Poroshenko have the opportunity to help, he would "do so in any country in the European Union where Ukraine's position is not so strong".

Quote: "Those who are now trying to find justification for their refusals on the Hungarian track, exploiting Petro Poroshenko's former contacts with Viktor Orbán, are doing so in vain. Remember that on 14-15 December in Brussels, the European Council will announce its decision to start pre-accession talks with Ukraine, where Budapest has a right of veto.

If Petro Poroshenko had the opportunity to help, using his own personal positive experience and contacts, to ensure that this decision would be successful, especially amid recent remarks, he would do so. No betrayals. In the best interests of the state. And in close coordination with international partners.

This is not only in Budapest but anywhere in the European Union where Ukraine's position is not as strong or where official government efforts do not bring the desired results. And the approach of 'letting things work themselves out' has not proven effective for a long time.

Background: Poroshenko said the border guards refused to let him leave for a business trip abroad to Poland and the United States. The former president labelled it as "anti-Ukrainian sabotage".

Border guards explained that they refused to let Poroshenko leave as the Ukrainian parliament had cancelled his business trip.

First Deputy Speaker Oleksandr Korniienko stated that he cancelled Poroshenko's international business trip after receiving a letter classified as "For official use only", the contents of which cannot be disclosed.

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